Steps to Getting Your Licence

How to become a Professional Driver

We have the knowledge and experience to teach you everything you need in order to become a professional driver in any category. We can also offer help in all aspects in acquiring your licence including free help with all the theory and hazard perception tests. We hold the forms for you to get your licence application so you do not have to go to the DVLA.  We can put you in touch with reasonably priced medical doctors.  Please contact us for details.


Getting LGV Driving Licence and Driver’s CPC

After you have applied for your licence and it has been returned from the DVLA with your provisional category on it, make sure that all your categories have been added. Now you need to pass modules one, two, three, and four to drive professionally. Module one needs to be passed before module three and module two before module four.

Modules one and two are computer based and the tests are on a computer at DVSA approved test centres.

Module three is the Driving Test conducted at a DVSA test centre and Module four is the Driver CPC practical test which is conducted at base. Sue is the examiner and Simon or Miranda will train you.

Module one is in two parts, LGV multiple choice and hazard perception, for which we can provide help as well as training material if required when you train with us. This is the best way to ensure that you pass these tests, this is included free of charge in your training for your practical driving test.  If you purchase your own study material we may purchase if from you after your training.

Module two is CPC case study test which is a theory test based exam at the same place as module one and is only needed if you wish to drive commercially, for hire and reward.

Module three a. This is the off road driving test or the reverse test for the rigid and bus and the reverse and uncouple recouple test for the artic.  Simon and Sue are DVSA accredited examiners for this.  We also welcome outside companies without their own facilities to test with us.

Module three b. This is the practical on road driving test from the test Centre in Chiseldon with the DVSA examiners.

Driving Test which we will train you for in full.

Module four is the Practical Demonstration Test which Simon will train you in full for and when you are ready we can then book the test and Sue will examine you.  Module 4 completed!

  • Ability to load vehicle. You will have 1 question out of 5.
  • Security of vehicle and contents.  You will get 1 questions from 2.
  • Prevent trafficking of immigrants.  3 questions of which you will get 1 to answer.
  • Ability to assess emergency situations.   You will get 1 questions from 2.
  • Daily walk round check. Only one question asked.

Cat C and D have a different set of questions.

We will provide you with full documentation to help you with these two tests, therefore reducing costs. It is advisable to do these tests with training, like the driving test they are of a very high standard and the questions are very technical. You also have to be very accurate with your answers.  In order to pass the test you need 85% overall with a minimum of 15 out of 20 for each section. When you train with us, we try to do module four training at the same time as your practical driving test and therefore you do not incur any further costs.

After you have passed the initial driver qualification.

Please note you do not need to do your five days CPC before driving professionally.   If you join a full time employer, they may pay for you to do your five day CPC over the next five years.  Your modules one, two three and four enable you to drive for the first five years without doing any more training until the fifth year, by which time you will have done five days in the classroom.   It is advisable not to leave this till year five as there is a lot to do quickly. This training is essential and has to be done.  However in order to keep your professional driving qualifications you must do it.  It can be interesting as there is always stuff you do not know about.  Keep practicing.

Book your LGV training

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Pass you medical test

Apply for provisional licence


Pass modules 1, 2, 3 and 4. Apply for driver card

Receive your licence, driver card and DQC.

Apply for a driving job

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